Greek people on campus

Here at spec sucks we have always wondered why greek people get such special treatment on campus, for example they have their special houses.    I think it is rediculous that 5 out of 7 people on the council to decide who to give houses to are greek.  If you think about this that is not a representative sample of the people at columbia.  for example I only know one greek girl and she does not even want to live in one of the houses.  Why are there most people on the council greek i do not mean to be offensive but that sounds like a conflict of interest to me.  I am not saying that greek people will only help greek people because that is obviously not first they are american first but it is just a question of why there are so many if they are just as fair as anyone else can’t you get people from some other place who are just as fair?  I would hope that we dont discriminate in giving away houses but i guess it is okay that they give houses to specific groups who are going together because they are all share culture like the pan african house but that is okay but you dont see the pan african house trying to get ALL the housing and well i guess it is because the greeks get so many more people in their organization, but why are they recruiting so many people who would not normally want to be part of a greek organization for example I know an asian guy who is (I AM NOT SAYING YOU CANNOT LIKE GREEK STUFF IF YOU ARE ASIAN IT IS JUST NOT AS EXPECTED).  But maybe if greek groups stopped recruiting so much and just stuck with their normal members then this would not be a problem .  See this is an example of how you can solve a problem if you dont try to get in a big shouting match but instead use your head.  But i do not think that we should say no to the greeks just because some of them were drug dealers i mean that is just stereotyping I am not afraid of russian people just because i saw the motion picture Red Dawn.  Plus there are all sort of people who are drug dealers it is not like every drug dealer is greek. On the other hand I think that we should not have to give the greeks special treatment just because columbia has lit him which i might have took freshmen year  (or maybe not because i am a transfer or i am in seas or i could even be in the GS or Barnard or even in the JTS or the other schools at columbia i do not remember because I am anonymous and you do not know who i am).

In other news we would like to give a shout out to our brothers in arms at the Harvard Crimson comments section.  Although Harvard sucks Columbia’s Balls, we are still proud that you are standing up for truth and we are sympathetic to your cause.  We should smoke a peace pipe together lol.


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