Harvard, Cornell, Princeton Hacked, personal information leaked, Columbia Unscathed

Here at specsucks we would like to give a warm welcome to the CUIT professionals for doing a bang-up job.  While Harvard, Cornell, Princeton and 97 other universties were hacked and had personal information of their students released all across the internet, CUIT, the few, the proud, kept us safe.  Yes, that is right, because columbia CUIT is the best ever, we were not hacked.  Of course, you will not hear about this in the mainstream campus news sources.  But that is just because they are yellow journalism.  If columbia was hacked, then you would hear all about it and how  CUIT sucks.  Well we for one do not think CUIT sucks. However, what you DONT hear about is the times when we DONT get hacked.  I guess this is not important enough news to cover for dumb spect.  Note the time.  Thursday October 4th 2:16 AM, specsucks breaks the news. NOBODY ELSe has ANY IDEA what is going on. Watch as the other campus news organizations scramble to cover it.  This is a repeating pattern.  We give you BOTH sides of the story: when we get hacked, and when we DONT get hacked, when there are fake students, and when there ARENT fake students, when the spec sucks, and… just kidding, the spec always sucks.

One Response to “Harvard, Cornell, Princeton Hacked, personal information leaked, Columbia Unscathed”

  1. Contempt Constanza Says:

    Yo dark hand stop writing this bullshit and come back to b@b

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