Specs’ Communist History

there is obviously a lot of confusion about what the spec is and what it stands for.  For example they say that they are about news.  Bwog says that they are a three story pinkberry.  we say they are communist.  Who is right?  obviously we are.

Here is spec themselves admitting it:

and for those of you who dont want to visit the spec website without showering afterwards (SOMETHING THE SPEC DOESNT DO) here is ad that SPEC ran.

And if you think that this is some sort of “post-cold-war-joke”, think again.  This was published in 1971, the same year that the british expelled 100 Soviet Spies.  maybe this might seem like a joke in todays context, but let me assure you, at the time, nobody would be so callous to joke about this.  This is spec admitting they are communist.  Something which they have wisened up to since then, but luckily history is preserved in their past.  Lie as you will, spec apologists, but one thing is certain: the spec is and always has been a soviet shill.

p.s. there is a bonus example of the spec supporting satanism on  the same page.

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