October 16 spec best ever

Hey guys you should read the news paper that spec published on october 16 a week day not a weekend (AND THAT SHOULD NOT EVEN MATTER).  I think it is the best ever that is because they did not publish and oh yeah they are not publishing two week days this week.  GREAT JOB SPEC.  Nice job being a daily news paper.  these are not weekends, and not being a week day is a weak (week lol) excuse for calling them a day, it is still a day it is just a week end.  Why dont you call your self the “sometimes daily” news paper.  Well in fact this week you are not publishing more days then you are publishing, so if this is daily then arent you ALSO not publishing daily? so we can say you are NOT published daily, which means you don’t ever publish.  I wish. well If that is acceptable to be a news paper I am going to start an icecream shop where instead of selling ice cream i just punch people in the kidneys.  Because I guess it is okay to call your self one thing and not do another.


One Response to “October 16 spec best ever”

  1. Three-Story Pinkberry Says:


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