Day of silence for the Dark Hand

here at specsucks we are proud of everyone who fights spec.  today we want to have a day of silence for one of the best people in the world because they fight spec.  spec=dumb specsucks=cool.  to say i am proud is to be a understated.  The Dark Hand is very mysterious and he is spreading the word of specsucks to poor bwogsters who would not otherwise kno.  we love The Dark Hand and you should to unless you are a specster and then you should not love him but be afraid.  But we do not care about specsters any way.  as the right hand of the specsucks movement he is invaluable.  Specsucks will have a day of silence so we will not have any posts, and please do not leave any comments to respect the peace.

One Response to “Day of silence for the Dark Hand”

  1. The Light Hand Says:


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