Spec hiring british people

okay hey so all you readers who are loving my blog that is good.  We are the proudest blog on the web we are #1 internet blog and most prestigious on campus or off.

but what about spec why are they so dumb?  well I do not know if I know then i would not have this blog[1].  But spec is dumb but did you know that they also have british people who are not american?  well that sounds to me worse then jobs shipping overSEAS because they are not just sending jobs but instead these people from britan just come in and are treated the same.  Well maybe you should take into account if you are an AMERICAN CITIZEN for wroking at spec.  any way they are supposed to be writing stuff in ENGLISH but the british people write it weird they don’t even do it right so this is not racist i am just saying a fact that we are better at english then they are it is not their fault they just grew up in a country where everyone talks wrong.  so why should we trust them any way. maybe i just fell asleep in history class and english class because i do not remember how we went from rebelling against england to some people think they are our friends.  so for example they killed our men and women and children so how can we forgive them for that?  we didnt even try to invade them they were sending troops HERE to try to take over, so maybe we should have an eye for an eye.  so i would not trust people who tried to hurt us in the past.  so anyway spec why do you have british people do these jobs when there are perfectly capable americans who could do them.  maybe that is why spec sucks.   That is my thesis of this blog post. British people cant even box.

[1] actually i probably would so i could tell people why it is bad but that is not the point i was making a rhetorical question


3 Responses to “Spec hiring british people”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    i agree british ppl are pretty disgraceful, there are probably a lot of htem working for spec it wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. Interested party Says:

    I did not know about this, and I try not to judge situations without knowing all the facts. But if this is true then it seems like the Spec is not only bad, but treasonous! You should report them to the Department of Homeland Security before we spot the first Redcoats on our shores!

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