specsucks recieves EXCLUSIVE tip about drug deals on campus

Luckily our crime section is 10x better then the specs, because we report actual crimes instead of just copying what the police say after it happened.  we do the investigation rather then just being dumb shills for the system.
So we today got our first tip for the specsucks crime section.  An anonymous informant has sent in  a leak tip about illegal actions on campus.  He (or she) tipped us off that there are drug deals going on here on campus on the very ground you are standing on, behind mudd building.  Our tipster said there were at least three individuals involved and that at least two of them were definitely not from campus because they had to look at a campus map.  This is a perfect example of how specsucks is better then spec.  Where is the spec article about this?  oh yeah they dont have one because this is EXCLUSIVE specsucks news.  so much for “reporting” spec you are more lame then a pack of dogs.  where is your crime reporters any way you havent written about crime for like a week arent you trying to keep the city safe so you are just incompitent.  what’s taking you so long, spec?  still writing your article? lol.  we write articles like 100 times faster then you you are so slow it is hilarious.


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