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exclusive interview with high level bwogster

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specsucks arranged an exclusive interview with someone who used to work deep within the bwog.  This individual spoke with us on the condition of anonymity, perhaps for fear of retaliations.  This is what the individual had to say (we will call him “peter”, a fake name.

ss:  [Thank you for coming to this interview with] spec sucks!
[peter: Thank you for having me.  I’ve been waiting for a long time to speak to someone about this]
[ss: So, tell us your thoughts on The Columbia Spectator]
peter: at least spec has a comment filter. bwog is irking [me] recently.
ss: Why is that?
peter:  It’s just full of comment trolls now.
ss:  What about spec?
peter:  I’ve been liking them a lot more now.
ss: Begins vomiting on the floor profusely
ss: [Could you] give us examples?
peter:  I just mean i read the [spec] more now because [I’m a sadist and] bwog has become terrible and rude
ss: d-do [you] [write] for spec?
peter: no

obviously a case study in the onset of mental illness


Proof that specsucks has infiltrated spec

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Hey to all my loyal readers if you read dumb spec then they are doubters of the truth but the truth is spec sucks!  and also specsucks has informants in spec and we will take them down.  For example spec can’t even control their own offices take a look at photographic proof

see it says #specsucks in the background also you can see spec scum in the foreground.

p.s. Fin if you join specsucks we will give u a deputy assistant editor position.

Photos from secret specsucks ritual leaked

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Here at specsucks we can break the news that we have obtained exclusive photos leaked from a secret specsucks ritual, and through our superior investigative skills we have discovered that they were burning copies of the November 8th edition of “The Eye”, specs dumb magazine.

Here we can see with closer detail that the dumb article “Survival Kit” visible on the news paper when we magnify

And here is a picture with a ceremonial dagger

and here the members are doing some sort of a chant

and some further prayers as the flames die down

finally they consecrate the site

with magnification we can verify that they have plunged the dagger through the remains of the “eye”

These are only the surface of the dark and arcane secrets of specsucks, an organization which has been around for nearly as long as the spec.  Those who have been initiated to the rites are sworn to secrecy, and it was only with lots of skill and other secretness that we managed to get our hands on these secret photos.  Once again specsucks brings you the scoop, not bwog, not spec, not columbia political review.  If you are interested in joining specsucks please email our Editor in Chief at


Okay bwog just steal from specsucks

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So we all know that spec steals from specsucks (lame!) and the new york times (which is basically an international version of the spec) and that bwog is run by a bunch of liberal scum, but what you pr0bably didn’t also know is that bwog is plagarasing from specsucks.  Specsucks releases a list of things we are thankfull for and then a few days later WHAT DO YOU KNOW!? there is bwog releaseing a list of things they are thankfull for.  well bwog that is dumb lame.  how original of you maybe next time dont steal our idea.  so if you want the most original news come to specsucks where we aren’t a bunch of plagarasing dumb people.

Long live specsucks!  Down with spec!  also if u see lee bollinger tell him to support specsucks.

second article

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so i am writing my second article right now, in outrage. here is why. today, the spectrum blog wrote an article about ivy League ED problems ( which u cannot take pills for. they said
Columbia’s recently highlighted proximity to ‘District 9’ highlights one of our own weaknesses. No, not “District 9” from the movie—Central Harlem. Apparently it’s NYC Council’s “District 9.” (I seriously wonder, however, whether this is coincidence. Which way does the reference go?)
this is bad for 1 reasons:
1. this is blatant plagiarism since specsucks ALREADY made the district 9 connection to that spectrum blog post ( Spec took that reference and gave no credit to their superiors (of course this is not the first time they have done this, simply ask the new york times). also: “which way does the reference go” is just a dumb sentence, which is pretty much par for the course for spec.

Leaked information about turkeys

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as we all know from specsucks groundbreaking reporting there are many sexual favors at spec in return for positions of power for example.  Spec of course lies about this because they are spec.  but what they lie even more is that they say turkey shoots (they have even taken over wikipedia to make it say there lie but I changed it and then then changed it back so I cant do anything now) is just an interview to become the new spec tasksmasters.  This is a lie.  our informants give us the real story.  In order to become editor in chief of spec (or any of the other postitions) you have to strangle a turkey and then shoot it.  now because you are bright readers you are naturally sceptical.  Okay specsucks is the most trustworthy blog and they say this but is it true? yes.  because specsucks has proof (well we always have proof be we sometimes don’t show it to you).  We have gained access to photos of the secret “turkey shoots” in all their grusome detail.  and we are releasing them to you.  The individual pictured below is a high level spec operative.  He missed the turkey to shoot so he is not going to become editor in chief.  That is the rules you have to play by if you are in spec.  Sick. Disgusting.  Where are america’s morals.

Turkey shoot.  Dumb specster misses the shot

What specsucks is thankful for

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specsucks is thankful for the fact that spec will soon be no more.  Specsucks is thankful to our lord jesus.  Specsucks is thankful that we have The Cloaked Mask, glorious supreme leader of specsucks to lead us, that we do not have any corruption.  We are thankful  that we do not need to strangle turkeys with our bear hands in order to select our leaders (as alegidly occurs at spec).  We are thankful that bwog has officially endorsed specsucks even though they don’t always support the cause 100%.  We are thankful for halal carts because there food is good and cheap but sometimes it makes your but hurt when you poop.  We are thankful that so many agents in every publication across campus have agreed to be informants for specsucks.  We are thankful that high level bwog leadership will soon defect to specsucks.  What r u thankful for? leave it in the comments.