spec writes about stuff that nobody understands

okay so what is spec doing there is an article about stuff that is just trying to confuse you. http://www.columbiaspectator.com/2012/11/09/above-grade-construction-manhattanville-takes-shape

What does that mean “above grade construction” like are they being graded?  I do not know.  how can you be above grade because whatever grade you got that is your grade and if you are above your grade then that is not your grade! you can only be the grade you got so that is a paradox.  I am not saying that spec is talking about that I am just saying that in my personal opinion they are writing like we are a technical audience.  It is like they wrote the article for a technical audience.  let us take a look to see that they expect us to know everything they say well I am not a construction engineer so why would I understand that?  they are using technical terms like “deck” and “slurrywall” and “curtain wall” and “steel shaft”.
SO I JUST KNOW that IDIOT PINKOS WHO SHOULD NOT BE READING THIS BLOG ANYWAY are going to read this and go “hurdurr omg i am so smart for nitpicking with this article ‘deck” is not a technical term” YES I KNOW THAT YOU IDIOT.  I DID NOT SAY DECK IS A TECHNICAL TERM. what i am talking about here is the CONTEXT because I know what a deck is but they say it will be an “above ground steel deck” on a SCIENCE center, which is not like any deck I have heard of.  I am not going to go chill there on a lawn chair.  SO I AM SMART ENOUGH TO REALIZE THAT it has another technical meaning okay?? so do not think I do not understand a DECK I am just smarter to read with context which my teacher told me is more important than getting every word.  So don’t complain when you are too stupid to understand.  Okay this side story part is done I am going back to talking about the article

So you realize that the reason they are doing this is  because they can feel pretentious.  Okay great you can talk over our heads.  In case you didn’t know we are all studying something different here so there are things that I could talk over YOUR head about but I don’t do it because I am not insecure.  So spec is just letting these people try to feel smart because they want to.  You are just dumb because nobody cares any way.  and I dont think columbia wants to read a news paper they can not even understand!  You better rethink your business model spec.


so apparently spec has updated there article to say that they regret the error (I do not know if this is in response to me), but they still have not changed anything.


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  1. a tip: spec now requires that users log in to downvote comments. not to upvote, though.

  2. […] is a blog unhinged with hatred for the Spec. Those behind it take extreme measures to ensure complete anonymity. […]

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