Interview with dissilusioned specster

Specsucks is the #1 news source as you know more prestigious then bwog and of course spec but you do not need to read specsucks to know that.

Specsucks recently sat down wiht an anonymous member of spec who agreed to talk only under the condition of anonymity.  so far this is unconfirmed but whatever because it is not like spec confirms their news any way

On corruption:

K basically it’s turkeyshooting which mean’s they’re’s a shitload of corruption going on, money and sexual favours are being exchanged in return for higher postions

On sexual favors:

I heard that all the people who wanted to be opinion editors had an orgy and that they were judged based on how into it they were

On manhattanville

also sum1 at spec set a building in mville on fire so that they could report on it

There is more to come of course


3 Responses to “Interview with dissilusioned specster”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    one time i accidentally talked to a speccie (I didn’t know they were a speccie although i should’ve from their disgusting appearance but I’m an open minded individual) and the conversation went a lot like this and then i realized they were a speccie and shoved them into pinkberry and ran away.

  2. Spec Truther Says:

    Spec has infiltrated the student groups, the administration, the anthro dept, the football team, the maintenance staff, the frats, and even people in charge of LLC programming. The Eye is freemason propaganda. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

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