Specsucks throughout history, episode 4

Ever since spec released the largest trove of incriminating evidence ever about themselves we have beenstudying it.  What we are about to show you is just the tip of.

You may think that specsucks is a new movement no.  here is why not.  there were people alive before december 22 2011 so somebody has to hate it.  Spec is the worst news paper in history so of course the fight against spec is not new. Specsucks has always existed as an underground movement, it was only in december 22 2011 that it finally rose above the surface.  Here is proof that specsucks has always been around:

Specsucks was most likely founded in its original form as a loose knit group of students fighting against the spec, created like 200 years ago.

okay first 11th of april 1978 we see the first mention of the official specsucks catchphrase and greeting “spec sucks” IN THE SPECATOR ITSELF AND IN ANOTHER ONE.  Proof that specsucks was still alive by 1978  and had INFILTRATED spec with multiple informants.  well this was the cold war so that makes sense.

then November 17 1978 spec admits that they are bad and dirty

April 1991, spec admits that they suck, using the now-ubiquitous specsucks catchphrase “spec sucks” in four separate articles. this is definitive proof that the specsucks movement was still alive and well by 1991,  although obviously it was still underground.

Special thanks to the shadowy eyeball for SEEING this first.

Oh and if you want a bonus, take a look at this exhaustive list of spec articles mentioning bwog.

st-minute addition of The Miz that actually holds the rag-tag crew together? The Awesome One not only captained his own Survivor Series team to victory in 2009, (


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