i do not know if any of you read the spec. probably not, but i was forced to as my first assignment as a new writer for specsucks. well i saw a post on the spectrum blog about new york city council lines in the nieborhood because the spec thinks they are the place to anaylize politics (wrong!)

if you examine the map closely you will see that district 9 encompasses much of harlem (some people say columbia is in harlem but this is a different harmel) this is racist of teh spec. why?

perhaps some of you readers have seen the high budget science fiction film “district 9”? ( it is an alelgory to south africa during apartheid, which was a very bad racist thing against black people. so for harlem to be district 9 is racist.


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  1. […] plagiarism since specsucks ALREADY made the district 9 connection to that spectrum blog post ( Spec took that reference and gave no credit to their superiors (of course this is not the first […]

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