Leaked information about turkeys

as we all know from specsucks groundbreaking reporting there are many sexual favors at spec in return for positions of power for example.  Spec of course lies about this because they are spec.  but what they lie even more is that they say turkey shoots (they have even taken over wikipedia to make it say there lie but I changed it and then then changed it back so I cant do anything now) is just an interview to become the new spec tasksmasters.  This is a lie.  our informants give us the real story.  In order to become editor in chief of spec (or any of the other postitions) you have to strangle a turkey and then shoot it.  now because you are bright readers you are naturally sceptical.  Okay specsucks is the most trustworthy blog and they say this but is it true? yes.  because specsucks has proof (well we always have proof be we sometimes don’t show it to you).  We have gained access to photos of the secret “turkey shoots” in all their grusome detail.  and we are releasing them to you.  The individual pictured below is a high level spec operative.  He missed the turkey to shoot so he is not going to become editor in chief.  That is the rules you have to play by if you are in spec.  Sick. Disgusting.  Where are america’s morals.

Turkey shoot.  Dumb specster misses the shot


2 Responses to “Leaked information about turkeys”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    if he had strangled it with his bear hands would he have become the editor in chief?

  2. The Veiled Glove Says:

    Some of them also shoot rabbits over the summer.

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