What specsucks is thankful for

specsucks is thankful for the fact that spec will soon be no more.  Specsucks is thankful to our lord jesus.  Specsucks is thankful that we have The Cloaked Mask, glorious supreme leader of specsucks to lead us, that we do not have any corruption.  We are thankful  that we do not need to strangle turkeys with our bear hands in order to select our leaders (as alegidly occurs at spec).  We are thankful that bwog has officially endorsed specsucks even though they don’t always support the cause 100%.  We are thankful for halal carts because there food is good and cheap but sometimes it makes your but hurt when you poop.  We are thankful that so many agents in every publication across campus have agreed to be informants for specsucks.  We are thankful that high level bwog leadership will soon defect to specsucks.  What r u thankful for? leave it in the comments.


Write a comment to show how the spec sucks.

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