Okay bwog just steal from specsucks

So we all know that spec steals from specsucks (lame!) and the new york times (which is basically an international version of the spec) and that bwog is run by a bunch of liberal scum, but what you pr0bably didn’t also know is that bwog is plagarasing from specsucks.  Specsucks releases a list of things we are thankfull for and then a few days later WHAT DO YOU KNOW!? there is bwog releaseing a list of things they are thankfull for.  well bwog that is dumb lame.  how original of you maybe next time dont steal our idea.  so if you want the most original news come to specsucks where we aren’t a bunch of plagarasing dumb people.

Long live specsucks!  Down with spec!  also if u see lee bollinger tell him to support specsucks.


Write a comment to show how the spec sucks.

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