Photos from secret specsucks ritual leaked

Here at specsucks we can break the news that we have obtained exclusive photos leaked from a secret specsucks ritual, and through our superior investigative skills we have discovered that they were burning copies of the November 8th edition of “The Eye”, specs dumb magazine.

Here we can see with closer detail that the dumb article “Survival Kit” visible on the news paper when we magnify

And here is a picture with a ceremonial dagger

and here the members are doing some sort of a chant

and some further prayers as the flames die down

finally they consecrate the site

with magnification we can verify that they have plunged the dagger through the remains of the “eye”

These are only the surface of the dark and arcane secrets of specsucks, an organization which has been around for nearly as long as the spec.  Those who have been initiated to the rites are sworn to secrecy, and it was only with lots of skill and other secretness that we managed to get our hands on these secret photos.  Once again specsucks brings you the scoop, not bwog, not spec, not columbia political review.  If you are interested in joining specsucks please email our Editor in Chief at



11 Responses to “Photos from secret specsucks ritual leaked”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    we roasted marshmellows on the flames, they tasted very good because we were burning spec.

  2. this. is. amazing.

  3. Name (required) Says:

    how do i join?

  4. […] today specsucks posted photos “from a secret specsucks ritual,” in which they made a pentagram out of copies […]

  5. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I must apologize for my recent departure from the specsucks community, do to many factors I was unable to participate. However this is cool, I one day aspire to be a shadowy figure and I will be rejoining the most prestigious community at Columbia University.

  6. Yo quiero Spectador a quemar! Andale!

  7. The lejun grows

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