Proof that specsucks has infiltrated spec

Hey to all my loyal readers if you read dumb spec then they are doubters of the truth but the truth is spec sucks!  and also specsucks has informants in spec and we will take them down.  For example spec can’t even control their own offices take a look at photographic proof

see it says #specsucks in the background also you can see spec scum in the foreground.

p.s. Fin if you join specsucks we will give u a deputy assistant editor position.


5 Responses to “Proof that specsucks has infiltrated spec”

  1. Proud specster haha jk jk Says:


  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I don’t mean to sound like I’m trying to take over the specsucks organization, but at this rate it will no longer be a secret society, you are revealing to much information.

  3. […] performed an obscene ritual as if moved to it by an occult hand. The Eye joked about it. Somebody chalked it in the Spec office. There are weird Twitter exchanges between @spec_sucks and […]

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