exclusive interview with high level bwogster

specsucks arranged an exclusive interview with someone who used to work deep within the bwog.  This individual spoke with us on the condition of anonymity, perhaps for fear of retaliations.  This is what the individual had to say (we will call him “peter”, a fake name.

ss:  [Thank you for coming to this interview with] spec sucks!
[peter: Thank you for having me.  I’ve been waiting for a long time to speak to someone about this]
[ss: So, tell us your thoughts on The Columbia Spectator]
peter: at least spec has a comment filter. bwog is irking [me] recently.
ss: Why is that?
peter:  It’s just full of comment trolls now.
ss:  What about spec?
peter:  I’ve been liking them a lot more now.
ss: Begins vomiting on the floor profusely
ss: [Could you] give us examples?
peter:  I just mean i read the [spec] more now because [I’m a sadist and] bwog has become terrible and rude
ss: d-do [you] [write] for spec?
peter: no

obviously a case study in the onset of mental illness


5 Responses to “exclusive interview with high level bwogster”

  1. Peter Sterne, is that you?

  2. stern deck Says:

    as another anonymous bwogster i repudiate this interview.

  3. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I think that we should call spek “The Daily Spectator” sometimes just to be facetious because it is not really daily.

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