Specsucks Successfully Sabotages Spec’s Strategy

Today was a glorious day for specsucks dear reader, as we succesfully performed an operation against spec.  Too long have they dismissed us we are the coolest hackers on campus.  for example, we sent one of our agents in for a man-in-the-middle attack where we messed with the configuration of the specs printer.  Dumb specsters of course didnt realize they had been hit and thought they were just having technical difficulties https://twitter.com/OverheardAtSpec/status/275559630720102400.  what fools.  Due to this successful sabotage we have prevented spec from getting their so called “news paper” out on the streeets until about 12:30 pm.   We estimate using back of the envelope calculations that we prevented about 57 people from reading the spec that otherwise would have picked it up during that time period.  This is just like when our US ally  Israel performed a cyber-spy against the Iran nuclear power.  Except in this case they didn’t even know what hit them.  Haha spec, look who is laughing last.

p.s. we would have leaked news of this operation to our blog readers earlier, but it is clear that spec lackeys are monitoring the blog, and doing so may have tipped them off, so we had to hold off until the damage was done.


One Response to “Specsucks Successfully Sabotages Spec’s Strategy”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    Not only are we the best publication we are also the most elite group of hackers on campus. Speccies beware.

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