Spec promotes Jewish Blasphemy on front page

hey if you read spec (dumb choice because spec is dumb) then you will have seen a photo on the front page which they labeled (perhaps accidentally, and perhaps with a twinge of racial hatred) BARUCH ATAH ADONAI.  As any good Jew knows, using the word ADONAI outside of a prayer is blashphemous.  The correct term when speaking of such prayers but not actually praying is “ADOSHEM”, and so the spec would have published “BARUCH ATAH ADOSHEM” if they had any shred of decency, which we know they do not.  I could say I am surprised that specsucks could promote such religious hatred, but that would be lying.  In fact this is exactly what I would expect from them considering that they published an article by a white supremacist last year.


One Response to “Spec promotes Jewish Blasphemy on front page”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    The speck is so dumb! They do this all the time, writing about things they know nothing about. Spec, I hope this article loses you readers, assuming you have any left.

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