fan submitted piece

okay usually we do not publish stuff that our fans send in (unlike dumb spec opinoin pages), but we just could not resist publishing this one:

In a stunning and brave move which commentators have hailed as “brilliant” and “ingenious”, ex-bwog managing editor and occasional specsucks contributor Peter Sterne once again deflected suspicion that he was ran or was involved in specsucks by outing an anonymous individual who expressed support for specsucks.  Since the inception of the site, Peter Sterne immediately became the number one suspect for the ringleader of the group of individuals who own and operate the specsucks publication.  Although most internal investigations within spec and bwog have been inconclusive, Peter has repeatedly turned up as a prime suspect.  Such suspicion has waxed and waned over the year, due to forces within and beyond his control. Organizing a group of Bwog staffmembers to take advantage of carelessness in specsucks’ security, the identity of one individual was uncovered. Peter Sterne quickly spun the story into the individual into taking the full fall for Peter’s involvement in specsucks. Once again Peter avoids suspicion and an innocent specsucks fan is fed to the angry mob of pro-speccie radicals. How many more innocent sympathizers will fall before spec admits its wrongdoings? Only Peter Sterne knows. And he won’t cease sacrificing his henchmen to keep up the smoke cloud he has built around his secret alter ego.


2 Responses to “fan submitted piece”

  1. mmmmmmm sexuality

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I don’t think the identity of the cloaked mask is important. It is about the symbol, what it stands for, and the message he/she spreads. The point is the mysterious figure who runs the specsucks organization could be anyone, on campus, alumni, a random civilian not involved with Columbia, or perhaps some sort of duo or group (even aliens). The concealment of identity simply creates a symbol that does and always will stand for something. Long live The Cloaked Mask, long live specsucks, and long live the symbol for truth, justice, and integrity we have all come to know and love!

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