specsucks crossword solution

because nobody outside of specsucks was smart enough to solve our crossword puzzle, we decided to publish the solution, because some of the answers are becoming no longer relevant.  May the world know forever that specsucks is better then spec at solving crossword puzzles!!



and the clues are (for those of you whom forgot)

1. Biting and sour – like the spec
6. Spec’s favourite bonding activity
10. Star of 1984, David ____
14. 2008 Hurricane
16. Columbia’s New York rival
17. Spec doesn’t have one of these
18. What spec should be reduced to
19. “Editor in chief”/Satan
21. Spec does this with bullshit
22. Second wife of Theseus (Lit hum is dumb)
24. Major bullshit from the computing club
26. Abstinence-only motto
28. Best setting for spec printing press
31. Spec _____ (this ones a freebee)
32. Metaphor for spec’s cancerous role in relationship to the university
36. Spec doesnt consider this a human life
38. Hometown of the rival of the best boxer in history
39. Genre of the spec, Abbr.
40. _____-sexual, a mode of transportation
42. Papua New Guinean anti-HIV project
43. What everyone whould show the spec
45. Call her, maybe
47. Specsucks podcast guest
48. Something the sun does
49. Ian Dury single
53. What specsucks is to the spec
57. How one feels after reading the spec
61. 20th sura of the spec’s favorite book
62. Roon ______ Aditorium
64. Zack Tax earned an astounding 12.00 in the 2012 season
65. Where you bake things
66. Spec foolishly criticized the safety of these six years ago
67. The general atmosphere at the spec
69. Proper response to the spec
70. The first true flying machine
71. They would spit at the spec!


1. Can be found between your teeth before braces
2. “Hip”est Columbia club
3. Columbia alum ____ Gupta. Designer, Photographer, and Video Producer
4. Jullian Assange’s channel
5. The Spec is the _______ news paper in the world
7. Best late 16th century bible version
8. Gymnast Adolf ______
9. French environment
10. Corrupt election board
11. Where the spec should get lost
12. The spec is a bunch of these, alt. spelling
13. What the spec claims to be “BUT IT IS NOT”
15. Berks’ favorite cleaning device
20. Headstrong Scott
23. http://www.elmundo.__
25. Foreign resident, abbr.
28. They shouldn’t be called the _spect_ator, but the ________
29. Primary activity at spec offices
30. Prima _____
33. sole; unique
34. Specsters
35. Dumb lit hum book
37. Automatic baby neck movement
38. The worst part of the day; when spec delivers
41. The Dark Hand ______ against the corrupt spec
44. For lo, specsucks much desired that the spec would ____
46. Where spec gets their orders from
48. Fresh Italian cooking… garanteed!
51. Yo ______ specsucks, dijo que el ojo vago
52. It’s in the game
54. Blue space Indians.
55. Ex-specster Orsher
56. What ghosts do
58. What the spec is covered with
59. American humor columnist, luckily she never went to Columbia
60. Those things that the spec can’t count
63. What I say to the spec
68. Faith based alcoholism cure


Write a comment to show how the spec sucks.

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