what is worse then spec? finals! jk

It was a joke that is not true spec is worse then finals.  if you have a choice between taking your finals and reading the spec even the stupidest specster would take the finals instead of reading spec so that is proof they are hipocritical.  for example spec claims they are daily but they do not publish during finals well that is news to me that finals are not a day in fact that is the first news spec has ever given any one.  For example spectator says they are a news paper but if that is true then why do they have a lot of sections and only ONE of them is news?  I thought you were news huh spec?  So you are telling me 90% of your paper is not news? Well if you look at the part that they claim is news that is not even news so it sounds to me more like 100% is not news.  All they are writing about is money and who got money and who gave money and who is running out of money well that is not NEWS that is economics.  but it makes sense because spec is corrupt and did you know they are getting money for free from the univesity?  Yes that is right they are not doing anything of columbia but they get money in return that sounds like a corruption scandal to me but you certainly wont hear about it on the spec or even on bwog because bwog is too busy gently fondling the spec with admiration.  Yes that is right if you want real news about real corruption and breaking storys about anything on campus FIRST then you come to specsucks.wordpress.com: the most relevant campus publication.

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