spec website taken down

so we did not publish this earlier because it would arouse supsicion because taking down a website is a terrorist act and we do not want the police after us.  So of course we will not claim credit for this or anything but whoever took down spec be you someone who hates spec or an elite group of hackers from  the Columbia undergraduate community who were recruited for a team which worked for weeks to find, exploit, and cover up a security hole in the spec’s blog hosting software, and handsomely rewarded for their efforts, we salute you.  Spec, get the message.   Also obviously we do not endorse criminal activities in this post that would be illegal.  Down with spec.  Maybe next times someone will hack their printers!!!!



One Response to “spec website taken down”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    yes we r not turorists but sometimes even turorists are rite like ananymouse. They are more like hacktivists rather than turorists.

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