spec sucks returns from break

spec sucks is a student run organization which means that we go on break unlike the spec who gets money from columbia which is cheating because they still go on break EVEN DURING THE WEEKENDS so why is spec updating their spectrum? there is no philosophy behind spec they are just a buracracy unlike specsucks which has always been guided by our guiding principle of spec sucks.  the break is almost done and spec is almost dead we will have to fight on more as always you are welcome to join specsucks but now there are so many people in specsucks it is hard to keep track of them all because we are so big and popular so you can email who ever you want.

we read the specs dumb letter which was easily leaked to us about what they are planning next semester nice one spec, well guess what we are planning? NO MORE SPEC.  So if you want to suck more then today is not your lucky day.  Specsucks is the #1 best prestigious and better news paper then you and to all my readers do not read speck.  also we are now on reddit so join us or die.



One Response to “spec sucks returns from break”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    After much time spent as a specsucks advocate, and years of physical and mental preparation, I think I am finally qualified to join the specsucks team! I sent you an e-mail at thecloakedmask@gmail.com. I hope this is right and I hope you accept my application; it would be an honor to be a part of the most prestigious campus publication.

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