columbia spectator admits to trolling bwog comments for upvotes

An anonymous tipster has tipped us off that spec has created a secret facebook group where they admit that they are the ones trolling the bwog comments for upvotes.  This is despicable just like spec and bwog and shows the incest between them.  spec is the worst news paper ever why dont you learn to write better instead of spending your time on bwog it is a waste of your time.  Specsucks does not condone this type of behavior


3 Responses to “columbia spectator admits to trolling bwog comments for upvotes”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Spec you are like the little kids who tease the children they like. Grow up and get a life, we all know you are sleeping with bwog so stop trying to hide it.

  2. heard that much of the new spec managing board (among them finn and sammy) were on the roof of low when finn thought itd be cool to break into the provost’s office (maybe he thought he’d look cool cuz he isnt ed). so they broke in. they turned the lights on. they got caught. and they are being disciplined.

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