disre-spect-ful specsters

Wow spec is dum i saw a specster playing games on their iphone during class, this shows how little respekt dum specsters have for professors and columbia how can you be learning and bettering yourself when you are playing games during class? And even still you are not even good at the game, it takes you a full 49 seconds to solve the puzzle. Specsucks would never take that long and would not disrespect our profs in the first place. More proof that spec sucks!


2 Responses to “disre-spect-ful specsters”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Hay spec, you’re probably not smart enough to realize this, but your actions affect people other than yourselves. By your selfish act of using your phone during class you distracted my dear friend, or more of a role model, the cloaked mask, so today he or she may have underperformed in class because of your ignorant staff. To all you specters out there, grow up and think before you act.

    • The Dark Hand Says:

      you are so right for thinking about and bringing up the implications of this Leroy, that’s why I’m glad I work for a publication as good as specsucks and am surrounded by true intellekshuals unlike the rude children over at spec

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