spec sucks dry the blood of their victims

every year the spec has Anal Awards diner where they go to an expensive diner and someone talks.  this is supposed to be paying for speck but that is obviously not true because they are financially NOT independent (the term for that is DEPENDANT).  so why are you trying to make money from a diner if you are paying for FOOD. so that is why that it is FREE for the people in charge because they are taking moeny from everyone else.  here is a DIRECT QUOTE from a secret LEAKED email:

The Columbia Daily Spectator wishes you a Happy New Year and invites you to its next awards dinner on February 9, 2013.

This completely ignores the fact that NEW YEARS WAS MORE THAN A MONTH AGO that is like saying “good morning” because it was morning last week.

but now spec is EVEN MORE GREEDY that they are trying to take money from the managing bored which used to be FREE. and this money is like under the table so there will be no record because it is CASH or CHECK, and it doesn’t go to spec but to “spectator publishing company” which is probably not accountable to anyone.  and they admit this in secret leaked emails

You can give me cash or check for $50. Checks are made out to Spectator Publishing Company, Inc.

 so why do they have to pay 50$ to go to their OWN DINNER?  how much money are they even saving because specsucks actually did some investigative work and found out that spec rakes in almost 50 thousands of dollars in their tax returns from this event previous SO HOW MUCH MONEY ARE YOU SAVING!?!?
and then spec says that if you dont pay they will force you to stand in a corner in which SPEC ITSELF describes as
shoving [you] to the outskirts
which is discrimination against people who are poor way to go spec.
when injustice is served then you need to stop it so that is why people are organizing like specsucks is planning.  we are organizing an alternative event for people who have decided not to have their life-blood-wallet sucked out of them by spec and instead of going to the anal awards diner we will make a meet secretly and recruit for specsucks there. even the most indoctrinated spec scum are starting to see the truth.  If you are at 136 managing bored, remember that you are welcome at the specsucks sponsored event.  Ask around, but don’t say it’s associated with specsucks because then likely they will try to arrest you. FIGHT ON IN RESISTANCE AND SPEC WILL FALL

One Response to “spec sucks dry the blood of their victims”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    Wow their finances are an indicashun that they will fall soon, the spec is almost dead. It is getting the last of its lifeblood sucking greedily from innocent lower down speccies. Spec is like a pyramid scheme, unlike spec sucks which is egalitarian because we have our benevolent ruler the Cloaked Mask. Any spec scum who see the error in their ways should join our glorious revolution.

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