lies, damned lies, and columbia university press releases

hey to all my loyal readers well guess what spec was not happy with us EXPOSING them so what do they do well they LIE (but they havent said anything.  Bwog is scared that everyone knew they would keep their mouth shut so they dont say anything.  but Columbia university, too dumb to realize that the hammer is coming down, decided to finally ADMIT that they are in bed with spec.  Rather then saying “okay specsucks you win we are actually just spec shills”  which is a FACT instead they stupidly reveal their allegances to EVERYONE.  columbia when you are caught do not LIE it will only make the justice hurt more.  Here is columbias dumb thing

“While federal student privacy law prevents us from commenting on specific cases involving student discipline, we can say unequivocally that any claim of an improper relationship involving Dean Terry Martinez is completely false and without any factual basis. Moreover, Dean Martinez has no role in adjudicating these types of disciplinary matters. Reports made earlier today in this vein fail any standard of journalistic credibility and should be promptly retracted.”

“With respect to the Columbia Daily Spectator, it is important to note that like any news media organization, the student newspaper is completely independent from the University, and we have no comment on its handling of this matter.”

Okay first of all if you are going to lie DO NOT CONTRADICT YOURSELF DUMB PINKOS spec does this all the time but I thought that maybe columbia was smarter then spec i guess not maybe you have been hanging out with spec too much.  First you say that FEDERAL LAW PREVENTS YOU FROM COMMENTING ON SPECIFIC CASES INVOLVING STUDENT DISCIPLINE, and THEN you say that “any claim of an improper relationship involving Dean Terry Martinez is completely false” WELL THAT IS EXACTLY COMMENTING ON A CASE INVOLVING STUDENT DISCIPLINE SO EITHER YOU ARE THE DUMBEST IDIOTS IN THE WORLD AND YOUR ABOUT TO BE ARRESTED BY THE PRESIDENT OR YOU JUST LIED.actualy i’m not even sure which one is the case maybe i should call the fbi. AND THEN they say that any claim of an improper relationship involving dean martinez is completely false.  well how do YOU know?!?!?! EVEN SPECSUCKS DOESNT KNOW DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN US?  have you ever considered that if there was an improper relationship that they wouldn’t go around TELLING EVERYONE but would keep it a secret.  so your a dumass if you say you know there is one or if you say you know there is not.  And anyways why are you so insecure about this columbia.  if you’re supposedly responding to us well WE never claimed anything we just reported the word on the street so stop putting words in our mouths. AND AND THEN they say “Moreover, Dean Martinez has no role in adjudicating these types of disciplinary matters” WELL WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN?  well, i have no role in adjucating your mom but that doesnt MEAN anything that is just a fancy word.  YOU CANT intimidate me you dumb columbia words.  What we DO know is that dean martinez in this case DID write an email defending specster scum to other deans so use a fancy word to cover THAT up, you intellectual elitist scum.

Okay so first that columbia is obviously already spec shilling they are basically bwog 2.0.  get on our level, columbia.  but maybe to people they fool they are trying to sound all official and impartial well we ehere at specsucks are doing what we do best which is call BULLSHIT.  OKay if you want to give a press release to claim you have the last words and inject it with lies and misdirection that is fine that is propoganda 101.  but if you want to do that and retain some VENEER of impartialy then how about you dont just RANODMLY OUT OF THE BLUE INSULT THE PEOPLE YOU ARE TRYING TO DISCREDIT.  how DARE you say that our reports fail any standard of journalistic crediability.  FIRST of all obviously they passed SOME standard because they passed OUR STANDARD and we PUBLISHED THEM.  so not only is this a stupid insult its also factually incorrect.   second of all this is the most petty lowbrow attack and is so improper for a university to become involved in petty campus publication drama.  like honestly, did you forward this to the spec managing board and have them write this press release for you? probably not actually, there aren’t enough grammatical errors.  it’s disgusting how much columbia fondles spec’s genitalia.

and so then finally after all those lies and all that spec shilling its time for them to finish their statement.  how else to finish it except by topping it off with a lie, actually the mother of all lies packed into one.  They claim “With respect to the Columbia Daily Spectator, it is important to note that like any news media organization, the student newspaper is completely independent from the University”  LIES. LIES. LIES.  okay FACT: BWOG is NOT independant from columbia at all.  check columbia’s own webpage for proof.


both list Blue and White (which is the code name for bwog)  among COUNTLESS other news media organizations that are sponsored by columbia.  Complete, utter, lies, and disregard for the truth.   And finally, the motherwhopping lie, that he spec is independent from columbia unversity, a persistent myth that we have debunked COUNTLES times is complete and utter BUNK.  We are sick of this crap so we are finally going to prove it once and for all. Okay so there are GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS which you CANNOT LIE on because that is ILLEGAL.  lets see what spec says THEN about their relationship with columbia in their offical taxes from 2011 well if you are too busy to read it then let us quote the relavent parts

Spectator Publishing Co. Inc. is a student-run organization, with an independent board of directors , responsible for the publication of Columbia University’s daily newspaper, The Columbia Daily Spectator .

So there, proof that it is COLUMBIA UNIVERSITYS newspaper so NOT separate from columbia and certainly not “completely independent” as the press release boldly lies.  Then to prove that the dependence is not only organizational, it is also financial

In return for the free circulation , the university provides office and production space to the organization.

Wow, that certainly doesn’t sound like charity.  NOT!! how can you even COMPARE the money to have space to the value of circulation?!?!?! hey columbia provide me with free housing in exchange for  free circulation of specsucks!! oh yeah, they dont want to do that because doing so would basically be giving away money to me for free.  did anyone ever consider comparing the value?  this is not an exchange but a blatant transfer of wealth, and it’s gross that anyone would claim otherwise.  this is the furthest thing from independence.  anyone who has taken even the most basic macro or micro 101 would understand what’s going on here.  so in conclusion, it is too bad that it is not illegal for columbia to lie on official statements, because otherwise the whole lot of spec scum would be locked up.  It is actually sad to see such a majestic organization as columbia become infested with PINKO filth.  the specs grasps are strong and deep.  But we are already seeing them crumble.  As my role model ghandi once said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

2 Responses to “lies, damned lies, and columbia university press releases”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    I am not surprised since the wording of that statement is so dumb, wow you are saying you can’t say anything but that means you are not actually denying anything in the story either. You are just making claims that Dean Martinez and the other deans aren’t spec shills which considering the EVIDENCE SPECSUCKS HAS BROUGHT to the loyal readers, unlikely.

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    One great thing I didn’t mention about spec before is that unlike stupid Columbia statements, they show evidence directly from the source. Now that’s what I call credible journalism.

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