Spec admits to publishing fiction

Specsucks has uncovered yet another strand in the web of spec deception and I am bringing it to my loyal readers although if you are using the face book you might think you have already seen the truth in the depth of speccie deception but if you are putting your lies for everyone to see on face book spec then you are not good as good at deception as you think but I am not surprised because you are dumb spec so you would probably think you are being clever. This is the SECOND TIME specsucks has uncovered speccies leaving traces of themselves on face book by making little group events where they admit to their crimes in a huge cacophuny (that is a GRE word unlike spec who are too dumb to have vocabulary) of face book posts and again they were not clever enough to cover their tracks and for specsucks to find out the truth. Still this time they are not only talking about trolling the BWOG, but they are ACTUALLY ADMITING THAT THEIR ‘NEWS’PAPER IS FICTION. Wow spec, NEWSPAPER DO NOT PUBLISH FICTIONG, specsucks is news because we publish the TRUTH and are bringing lots of content to our readers. That is why we are the most reluvent news source on campus, not because we are making up fiction like spec themselves admits to doing on face book. So my loyal readers are thinking, sure, Spec is full of lies but now they are at least admitting it, so may be there is hope yet for some of the guilty to leave their decadent pinkberry nests join our glorius revolution. But the web of spec deception goes deeper, b/c as a good journalist might I follow the leads on this tip which says I should look at the Eye because that is apparently where spec is making up their fiction. So because I am brave and investigative journalist devoted to bringing the truth to my loyal readers I log onto the Eye website to follow this particlelur strand in the web. Of course first I have to control my sudden nausea and lightheadedness when I open such a shocking website full of slanderous deceitful lies. But then I am seeing a name of a person I admire LANCE ARMSTRUNG so I click the link, and I am even more disgusted at what I am reading with my own eyes that burn with disgust. I am bringing the truth now to my readers so that you never have to click on such a suoper dum bad website not even news. So she says about this PUBLIC FIGURE lance armstrenght “of curose he’s on Drugs.” Wow those are pretty ridikulus allegations to make spec when you are not know FOR SURE if lance Arntrong is using drugs. Sure he might have said to opra he is on drugs but you don’t know that for sure spec because he might not know, how can you be sure if you are not knowing if he is knowing what he says because he is on drugs. Wow spec I guess that’s why you say you are publishing fiction if you are making such slanderous accusations about an great athlete. So spec deceit goes even deeper than you might have guessed my loyal readers, because by EXPLICITLY STATING ON FACE BOOK THAT THEY ARE PUBLISHING FICTION spec is sullying the name of a great AMERICAN inspirational figure, with slanderous libel, so here specsucks is opening your eyes for you, bringing you the truth through the web of spec lies so you can live strong even when spec wants you to live weak (lol). But the author was not done destroying this great man’s reputation next saying “It pains me how much of a jerk Lance is”. Wow that is your opioni spec, just because you think he MIGHTVE said he is using performance enhacing drugs you are dragging his name through the mud and calling him names like little children teasing someone on a playground. Next the lies made me literally step back and gasp for air as the author says he “is a big bully who kicks kittens and steals candy from children.” Wow more serious accusations spec, and you are just literally making stuff up now. BUT I GUESS ITS OK BECAUSE YOU ARE SAYING YOU ARE PUBLISHING FICTION??!?! Wow this is like ironing because spec are the real bullies, and now my loyal readers know those truths as well. Until next time don’t read spec, it causes arthritus.


3 Responses to “Spec admits to publishing fiction”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    wow spec may be you should think about what you are publishing before making serious accusations, people cannot tell what is fiction and truth anymore, another reason you are dum!

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    We have the known spec publishes fiction, it’s just surprising how deep it goes. If they were trying to hide it they wouldn’t do it in such an obvious way, naming the paper the daily spectator, how can you claim to be daily when you don’t publish on weekends, holidays, or off-sessions. Your lies started at the surface but infest deep within you; spec, you are the worst paper ever.

  3. Wondering in Watts Says:

    Hello spec has a sex advice columb. You should have a columb about how to make SURE YOU ARE NOT HAVING SEX WITH SPECCIES. For exampul how do I no if the girl who is hitting on me at the bar is a dum PINKO or not?? One time I was talking to a girl and then she said that she did SPECT and then I vomited all over the place.

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