measured protest aganst the spec

On my way to zerohedge (Tyler Durden lol) I saw that the dum spec editorial board put out an article calling for “measured protest”. Wow that is just like them, when you are oppressing people under a FALSE IDOL the spect and in bed with the powers-that-be, lets call it the spec-bwog-dean triumvirate because everyone who is not having wool pulled over their eyes by the powers that be can see that’s what it is, OF COURSE dum bad spec is going to call for “measured protest” WHATEVER THE FUCK THAT MEANS. They even ADMIT in their own dum article or whatever that they are each paying 60000 dollars to bribing Columbia officials every year. They ADMIT that there are injustices, but  are they going to stop putting out their dum bad paper which is responsible for those injustices? Well, the specsucks editorial bored has our own message for our loyal readers: spec is dum. It is a SYMBOL OF OPPRESION. My loyal readers know that the deans want to stop you from tearing down THESE CORRUPT PUBLICATIONS. Even they can no longer LIVE WITH THEY’RE LEIS we at specsucks TAKE COLUMBIA FROM THE CORRUPT and the OPPRESSORS OF GENERATIONS the stupid specbwog deans AND RETURN IT TO YOU the students. Step forward those who would serve a LEJUN will be raised. COLUMBIA will endure, and will be greater than ever once everyone only reads the most relevant news source on campus and all the OTHERS have been PROTESTED TO THEIR DESTRUCTION. Until then do not read spec especially there editorial board because they are obviously DUM which stands for D DUM U UNINTELLIGENT M MORONS GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT SPEC


One Response to “measured protest aganst the spec”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    this is inspirational ;_;

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