specs deans are no match for a dean bean

first of all spec we do not want to read spec you are dum.  second of all you set stupid goals for yourself specsucks does not need quotas to have the most diverse staff on campus.   Third of all we are smarter faster and stronger then spec so it is no competition.  what is spec but they are spec.  that is bad.  when spec steps up to the plate we know they are going to strike out because they are spec in their own way.  you say that columbia released their hiring stats but what does that mean any way?  okay consider the facts.  1. spec did not release the actual information they just wrote something 2. spec did not tell us how they are spending the money just who did 3. there are no names mentioned in the article.  spec is not run by minorities or women, so who made them an expert?  why is a guy writing an article about women!? this is just dum spec.  I did not say spec lied about this but i did not say they did not so maybe when we see the numbers ourselves we will know.  also spec you did not tell us what “specialty workers is” well if you knew any anthropology you would know that we are all specialized laborers because we are not HUNTER GATHERERS which was the ancestral subsistence mode and all modern humans were hunter-gatherers until around 10,000 years ago.


One Response to “specs deans are no match for a dean bean”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    wow spec next time u are administration shilling at least know you’re history

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