Columbia professor filmed showing graphic and disturbing images to students

recent news reports have come out that professor Emlyn Hughes was caught showing a slideshow and video footage of various graphic and disturbing images to students ina frontiers of science class.  students were visibly distraught when they were exposed to images of WWII combat, planes crashing into the world trade center, the grim reaper, the Columbia Spectator, and Osama Bin Laden.  Administration officials have not commented on whether there will be disciplinary action against him.


4 Responses to “Columbia professor filmed showing graphic and disturbing images to students”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    i too have thought about the relationship between the spect and fascist dictatorships. The spect is ruled by an iron fist, while those inside yearn to not be downtrodden, the corrupt managing board continues its sickening agenda of consolidating their power into the hands of themselves and Bwog and the deans. I think the professor in question may have been misinterpreted. You see he was merely drawing attention to this FACT that the Columbia Spectator is complicit in this blatant power grab. HOWEVER for fear of his OWN life, he could not say this openly, so instead he made this cryptic display that only those who have their eyes opened by specsucks can know what is going on. In fact, said professor may or may not be a contributing member of the specsucks lejun. I’M NOT SAYING HE IS IF YOU ARE READING THIS SPECSTERS I’M JUST SAYING THAT THE CLOAKED MASK IS DEAN SCHOLLENBERGER OK.

  2. I normally just troll your posts, but I’m just letting you know that this one kind of disappointed me. TDH’s comment should have been included to make this post more than a mere repetition of campus chatter. You didn’t even mention spec or it’s evil-ness
    You let me down specsucks, you let me down…

  3. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    A moment of silence for the brave specsucks solder, who is awaiting trial to see if the corrupt Columbia officials will make an example of him. Even if you do Columbia, you will never end the revolution!

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