Specsucks declines invitation to IPA

So I am hearing this dum thing about an InterPubelicating Alliance. It is supposed to help campus publications indoctrinate people more effectively with their stupid bad writing. So if my loyal readers wanted more PROOF that specsucks has been giving my loyal readers the TRUTH all along, well then look no further. The spect themselves admit that they members of this stupid bad IPA thing, so why would specsucks ever join? I DON’T KNOW MAY BE THEY THINK WE ARE DUMB AND WILL CHANGE OURSELVES TO BECOMING SPEC SHILLS OR SOMETHING. Well spect, we won’t nice try, you already have all the publications on campus shilling for you and your stupid dum bad agenda, but you won’t get specsucks because we are a BRAVE INDEPENDENTLY STUDENT RUN publication unlike the rest of you publications who are just now openly shilling for the spectbwog with this alliance or something. That is why we don’t struggle to get our publication to the students unlike you stupid spect because our loyal readers want to have their eyes opened to the truth and not read watered-down pro-spect propaganda. We don’t need your nonsense groups or whatever, because we will destroy the spec, and if IPA allies themselves with the evil spec well then I am not saying we will destroy them because that would be a threat but a friend of a foe is a foe (I think my grandpa taught me that.) One brave member of the hacker collective “Anonymous” said: “It’s hard to be candy with people who, on the one hand, are your representatives and, on the other hand, can take away money from you and can harm your interests,” Yes thanks conor hard candy is good. But you are totally right, joining IPA would harm the interests of specsucks, because we would be forced out of the underground and into the open where the spect wants us so that they can eliminate members one by one and that is not even stupid it is just idiotic. First consider that the OJA is in specs pocket as the have demonstrated with DEANGATE And specsucks has already proved in a previous article that spect is a pyramid scheme that scuks money from its lower down members well then this IPA thing is just another level of the pyramid obviously as our source quote leak tip proves. So my loyal readers need not worry specsucks is staying right here, broadcasting the truth 25/7 to you, and we are not letting some international alliance consume us so they can stop me from keeping brining the truth. So THANKS BUT NO THANKS SUCKERS WE DECLINE UR INVITATION until then don’t read spect it is vampiric.


One Response to “Specsucks declines invitation to IPA”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Specsucks stands alone, it does not give in to bribery or pressure. They are the only objective, bias free publication i have ever readed, ever ever ever! LONG LIVE TRUTH, HONOR, FAIRNESS, JOURNALISM, AND THE ONE ORGANIZATION THAT STANDS FOR ALL OF THESE THINGS, SPECSUCKS!!!

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