Dum Spec tries to shut down local bar

If you are dumb and didn’t realize the spec was bad before then their latest scheme which specsucks has uncovered might convince you otherwise and if not well then you are probably not a very intelligent person and should go write for spec or something. Specsucks knows that specsters like to hang out at 1020, as many of us do because we are social and we have a social life.  that is not true spreading lies I have friends that is dumb for you to accuse me when I think you dont have any friends spec and you are jealous. I go to 1020 like every day because it is a great hangout for shadowy figures of justice like myself to gather intelligence on disgusting specsters and you can ask my friends which I DO HAVE that i go to 1020.  .BUT we also know that DUM SPECSTERS are deviants who enjoy breaking the law. I have proved this to my loyal readers in the past, but I guess trespassing isn’t enough, now they are engaging in the underage consumption of illegal substances that are illegal for people underage. Well of course they do this because they are dum spec deviants, specsucks knows this, and out of respect for those individuals we have never disclosed this information on our blog, because even though we want to bring the truth to our loyal readers we also don’t want to drag anyone’s name through the mudd like the scum over at spectbwog.

Moreover we know that we don’t want to ruin the reputation or call into question the practices of our great local bar because some specster are using it for their own disgusting deviant practices. So specsucks GIVES THEM THIS OPPORTUNITY we are MERCIFUL because we DO NOT WANT TO RUIN A GREAT HANGOUT FOR THE COLUMBIA COMMUNITY because if the brave men and women of the NYPD (god bless America) found out about the disgusting deviance of the dum bad specscum why they WOULD BE FORCED INTO ACTION TO UPHOLD THE JUSTICE IN THIS GREAT COUNTRY. But even given this opportunity by the graces of specsucks GUESS WHAT THE DUM SPECSCUM DO? THEY WRITE ABOUT THEIR MISDEEDS IN THEIR OWN DUM ARTIKULS. And then of course the police find out and are like wow, we have to stop these specster deviants, but then the whole hangout is ruined for everyone because of the evil specster misdeeds. Of course my loyal readers know this, everyone knows it, but we do not say it because brave specsucks members like to hangout at 1020 as well, and so do many other freedom-loving law-abiding Americans. Of course it is just like spec to ruin it for everyone. Wow spec, if you are breaking the law, at least think about the GREATER CONSEQUENCES of broadcasting this FOR THE REST OF THE COLUMBIA COMMUNITY WHO NOW HAVE THEIR HANGOUT POTENTIALLY RUINED.

But the rabbit whole is even deeper, and now specsucks is brining you the truth. YOU SEE spec wants to DESTROY THE 1030!!!1 This is because they hate Columbia students and fun. Quid erat demonstrandum don’t read spect.


6 Responses to “Dum Spec tries to shut down local bar”

  1. Are you saying that you knew information about spec, that they were drinking underage, and didn’t tell your readers? You’re just as bad as bwog, hiding the info about deangate and cucr. I feel so betrayed

    • The Dark Hand Says:

      well then you need to work on your reading comprehension because specsucks clearly states that he hangs out at 1020 to gather intelligence on spec BUT out of his 1000’s of loyal readers the are MANY SPEC SHILLS and if spec knows that specsucks is at 1020 watching them commiting their sins they will be more careful and sneaky and it will be harder for him to bring the truth to his loyal readers

    • you obvious have no reading comprehension because we ALREADY broke the story about spec drinking underage so either that or you are a spec shill which means that you have no reading comprehension any way so either way you have no reading comprehension and you are not welcome at our high class blog.

      • “specsucks knows this, and out of respect for those individuals we have never disclosed this information on our blog”

        that’s censorship, you’re censoring the news just like spectbwog.

      • no that is incorrect and a lie we released the information so you are *wrong* and obviously just a spec shill with no reading comprehended.

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I would love to say i can’t believe this, but I can, because spec does this all the time. They are always sucking and ruining things for everyone. I hate them and their ways, we need to bring them down.

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