Specsucks gets grafic

Spectrum has dum grafs so specsucks is better we can make grafs too


Here is one sceintificully describing the suck of the spect


Of course spect doesn’t come out on Saturdays and Sundays which I am happy about but they are still days of the week


The last category consists of two people.



4 Responses to “Specsucks gets grafic”

  1. this is really good i wish i knew how to make grads

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I think these grafs show much insight about the suckage of the speck, but i must say i disagree with some of the material. I think that they suck more on the weekends then on the week days. They have one job, publish news daily. On the weekdays they do publish, it is basically always not news, but they are somewhat doing their job kinda. One the weekends they do not publish or news so they are not doing both of their jobs. I like the weekends more because i don’t have to see their excrement all over campus. However the total spec suckage is higher because they are sucking at publishing more then on the week days.

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