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Okay spec we give up

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specsucks is closing down because we give up.  Spec has won and they will rule forever.  You have defeated us and our spirit is broken.


PINKOS and Facebook

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When I see my editor the cloaked mask siting in the editor in chief chair of the spec I see all the people who used to laff at us. Well who is lafing now, the cloaked mask is editor in chief of spec I am thinking in my mind anticipating the day. And when our corse of action would be to take down the spec of course. That is the best plot to take down the spec. Why is specsucks revealing our plans? As a warning to all the PINKOS out there. One day the cloaked mask will be the editor in chief of spec and then she will bring truth and justice to the spec and to all enemies of her. We will not give quarter or mercy or surender or gratitude until that day comes and until then we will keep admintersing justice no white flags!! And all those who ignored or laughed at or disrespected us, the most prestigious publication on campus will be sorry because we will have already infiltrated every publication on campus, they will all belong to us if they don’t already well may be they already do but we will not reveal which ones even if we did know so why would we tell you. And of course we will take over the deans and student council as well but we are not saying that because we are sneakier then spec who openly admits that they are already doing this bad move spec. Our movement cannot be stopped that fact is plain as a day. Today a tipster told me one of their facebook friends was advertising a spec article like a dum PINKO noob in their facebook feed. If I was on an anonymous forum I would have written “Eternal glory for specsucks! #specsucks “ but that is not possible on facebook (dam you mark zuckerberg) . Then another tipster told me they have seen some brave souls even advertising specsucks in their facebook those people deserve metals for their bravery in their fight against spect (thank you mark zuckerberg). Then a tipster shows me people on facebook getting angry about something in spec and I think may be they do not know about specsucks ( that is okay mark zuckerberg)? And then I am offended that they do not know about the most prestigious truthblog on campus so I begin writing this post. SO IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SPEC (IF YOU ARE SMART and not dum) THEN JOIN SPECSUCKS AND STOP WHINING ON FACEBOOK. Also change your profile picture to a picture of burning spec.

The Author is a first year in Columbia College

what is safety

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what is safety john locke once said that safety is a man to protect himself from life, liberty and the pursuit of property.  the man defends himself from other men and tyranny for freedom.  So that is why you haev the right to bear arms in the us to protect your safety. this is not the same as a safety on a gun which is just to stop you from accidentally shooting your self (or your friend lol dick cheney).  if you take nature then you have power over the natural order.  This is the freedom and safety over america.  that is why we believe in safetyfrom spec because they are against our life liberty pursuit o propery. look it up it should be property but dumb liberal dumasses think it is hapiness shut up will smith.  you have a right to defend your self from enemies like spec which is the philosophical justicifation on which we rest our crusade for justice.  we are letting the free market decide what hapens to spec and we decide to take them down!  long live spec sucks! may we forever be safe from spec and bad!

spec attempts to take over CC council

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like the council of elron every year the ccsc gathers together to forge new bonds of fraternity and brotherhood amongst each other and to do stuff together.  however why do they have power?  the ccsc is elected every year because we have given them votes.  that is okay but where there is power spec is soon to follow.  for example the ccsc board is now becoming higher and higher percentage of spec members i tried to make a graph but excel wasnt working.  but basically it is more and more which is an increase. we do not want spec to control ccsc so pleease cast your votes aganst spect and for the specsucks candidates.  we cant say which candidates are part of specsucks because then they will be outed but vote for them anyway.

“In the interest of full disclosure, a number of these candidates are currently on Spectator’s staff.

The reptilian spect (spec-ial ops)

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FACT: shapeshifting reptilian people may or may not control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to CONTROL our society.

FACT: the spect is at least complicit in this lizardperson takeover.

Well specsucks has uncovered PROOF, check out this dum new spect poster:asdf

birds hatch from eggs and so does spect, and a lizerd is a type of reptile like the dinosaurs which grew fethers and are now birds but specscum look like people so obviosly they are LIZARDPEOPLE if they are. Also it is a commonly known FACT that lizard people drink blood like specscum, specsucks has already proved this if it is true. maybe everyone at spec are lizard people or only the boss lizards (which would explain why the editorial board has scaly skin try to get them to let you touch their skin they will not because they will say it is weird but that is just a cover up ask anyone who is not a lizard to touch skin and they will not care the real reason is because you will feel their scaly scales if you want to you can touch them when they are not looking but we do not indorse this.). Also the deans could all be lizard. This situation seems grave indeed, but specsucks is on it, brining truth to our loyal readers and we are not lizardpeople! Thank you for all ourfans we are #1 truthblog on campus!

How many people has spec harmed?

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we are better than spec.

the fact remains that specsucks is the best campus publication after years of competition nobody holds a candle to us in fact we hold a candle to spec literally burn spec burn.  that is why we are doing a back of the envelope calculation to determine how many people spec has harmed

so first we estimate the number of ways spec could harm somebody:

1. you could choce on spec if you tried to eat it

2. it could burn you if it is on fire (this happens a lot) could read spec and have an anurism.

4. you could read spec and die

5. You could be killed by working at spec

6. spec could kill you because you are meddling with their secrets

7. you could get kicked out of columbia by corrupt deans and then you cant get a job so you are forced to work as a homeless guy but nobody gives you change becuase you are too well groomed because you belive in hygene and so then it is cold in the winter and you die of hyperthermia because you do not have anywhere to live

8.  spec could be mashed into pulp and then reconstituted into rope fibers which are used to strangle you like the necklace in austen powers9. you could become depressed that spec exists and kill yourself

10. you could be a civillian casualty in the war on spec

11. you could be crushed by the printing press

12. you could crush up spec and snort it and then OD (spec does not make you high)

so that is 12 ways spec can kill you an dthis is just the back of the envelope.  so if there are 12 ways and 29,000 people who voted for specsucks that is 29,000 times 12 = 3480000 people who could be killed and then we see that spec is published 5 days out of the week which is NOT daily and they dont even publish on spring break so that is less than half the days of the year [1], so that is exactly 3480000 X 365 = 1270200000 but then X 2 because it is only half so 2540400000. So that is TWO AND A QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE AT LEAST WHO COULD BE HARMED BY SPEC which is almost half of the world population if spec was published every day then that would be everyone killed luckily not.  Of course this is just a rough back of the envelope calculation so please dont argue with the specific numbers it is just approximate if you dont know what we are talking about then take frontiers of science with emlynn hughes (he is cool).  Also this calculates the number of people killed by spec this doesnt count those maimed or psychologically traumatized.  For more acurate figures you can use advanced computer simulation which shows similar results confirming the back of our envelope.


dont argue with science.

[1] Leroy Jenkins,comment on “good morning”, Specsucks, entry March 2,2013, [accessed March 19,2013]

another day, another dean

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Speck you are bad. Specsucks will take you down and stop you no matter how much we have to fight we will never stop to bring justice to Columbia even if everything is stacked against specsucks like butler lol. But support for our glorious cause is growing stronger too r3cently over twenty nine thousand people joined and the more CORRUPT ADMINISTRATORS we take down the deeper the rabbit hole becomes as an anonymous tipster sent us this incrimanating photo of a guy who I used to think is very awesome well not anymore we have all been DECIEVED he is more like dean OFF


also who is that guy in the background

Wow I literally had to sit down and then stand back up and sit back down when I saw this disgusting treachury. So you are thinking may be it is not what it looks like may be not every administrator is CORRUPT but my loyal readers know I am here to bring the truth no matter how unpleasant it may be and you are very smart to realize that there is more to this than it seems like my Mr greenbaum used to say it is like an iceburg. specsucks is trained professionals so we will take a closer look at that disgusting rag he is clutching


Using advanced government tecniques on the indicdated region:


And an even closer look reveals the following SHOCKING truth:


That’s right Dean Awn is atually reading NEXT MONDAYS PAPER!!!As always there is a conspiracy to hide the truth because everyone who knows is too corrupt to tell you and only specsucks stands between justice and lies. So what does it mean? Of course it is not surprising that adminstration is feeding you lies but the spec is not only COMPLICIT but actively CREATING and ORWELIAN STATE at Columbia through controled SURVEILLANCE, FEAR AND ORDERED COMPLIANCE, CARFEULLY MONITEORING THE ‘NEWS’ THEY ARE SPOONFEEDING YOU IN ADVANCE. or maybe spec is psycic either way I am scared. WOW the speck is like the gastric bypass surgery of columbia.