Specsucks infilitrates dum spec party

While all the dum specscums were spending their Saturday night PARTING INSTEAD OF DOING JOURNALISM specsucks was following leads and brining truth to my loyal readers like a brave invesitagitve journalist unlike spec you are two busy HAVING DEGENERATE SEX ORGIES IN EAST CAMPOS . Don’t come out on Saturdays and Sundays and how could it dum spec. wow this is the decline of America!

the press have failed you

your leaders have failed you


This is what journalists do spec so may be you shoud take notes if you even know how to do that and become better journalists because when specsucks received a tip about specscum having degenerate sex orgies in east campos we sent our brave dark hand into the MAW OF THE ENEMY! Of course our brave dark hand unquestioningly obeyed because of his devotion to our glorious cause and also because he had no other choice.

Now here is a FACT there are THREE Mr. Spect which is the same as the number of horsemen of death. There is only ONE Mrs. specsucks like jesus or braveheart.

All the stories on a Saturday nite are for SPECUCKS who never sleeps to write since spec are too busy PARTING or whatever and not devoted to brining truths to their loyal readers.

So my loyal readers mite be fearing for the safety of our brave dark hand exposing himself to dangers beyond compare, right in the specscum nest, but he is stronger, faster, braver than any specscum and has a burning passion for justice and truth and tonic water. So naturally when the screaming specsum harpy banshees descended upon him to seduce his strong muscular frame, he stood STRONG in the face of danger. “Why don’t you spend ur time watching Netflix instead of upholding truth and justice” one specster asked him, well GUESS WE KNOW WHERE UR PRIORITIES ARE SPEC. But while he was distracted another STOLEN HIS SCARF THAT HE NEEDS TO CONCEAL HIS TOP SEKRET IDENTITY!!!1 Even with his life FORFEIT the brave soldier of specsucks trudged on thru the vomit-stained floor, evenly paved by the young specscum who cant hold their alkohol, as the stand in rows regurgitating in a regular rhythm and the older specscum hav to clean up after them but that is how the pyramid scheme of spec works.

Another asked our brave soldier “what are u doing here” and without a shred of ironing he replied “jurnalism.” The entire party seemed seemed puzzled at the notion of this. HAV U EVER HERD OF IT SPEC? WE ARE SENDING OUR JURNALISTS INTO THE FIELD WHILE U R PARTING.

Specsucks is just reporting the facts as they came to us but of course there is a contradiction as there always is when you ARE EXPOSING LIARS and upholding truth and justice and fraternity. My loyal readers know, only specsucks is brave enough to bring these truths to you, putting our LIVES IN DANGER for my loyal readers and to expose the bastion of decadence and corrupshun of degenerate spectparties. So don’t read spec it causes epilepsy.


One Response to “Specsucks infilitrates dum spec party”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I spent the last two days keeping up with the news on specsucks, so I see no need to catch up on news with spec, plus their news is probably wrong, or lies anyways. I think we’re lucky to have specsucks to break down the walls and let us see the truth hiding behind them, such as spec publishing less then half the days of the year.

    Be carfull dark hand, solder/journalists like you are hard to come by.

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