Blue and white LIES about spec

Ok so everyone is talking about nutela or something but not specsucks because we stick to facts like nutela sticks to bred and are the most prestigious campus publication everyone wants to be us and take down the spec or shill for the spec or may be both. Still my loyal readers know ONLY specsucks knows truths and is bringing them to her loyal readers so I am not talking about some dum europen break-fast anymore JUSTICE AND JUSTICE ALONE. Instead I have been reading the gossip section of the blue and white ( because they are not speck which is still wrong and still giving me 20 right now (do you even lift spec? yea that’s what I thought lol) even though I have proved that Bwog are spec shills may be the blue and white can be redeemed WELL I THOT WRONG!!!

Ok first “A Private affair” you are stealing our jokes which is illegal expect a call from the specsucks lawyers also that is libel when they are not actually having an affair specsucks was just asking questions like responsible jurnalists wuld. Second you are saying it is the entire editing board when it was just 2 people SPECSUCKS KNOWS THIS WE HAVE PROVED IT IN OUR SCIENTIFIC GRAFS  of course we will not say who because we do not drag names through Mudd like you specbwog scum.

Then next they say “things nobody reads” haha I get it well I certainly wont be reading it anymore except I know my loyal readers want to know the truth so I will soldier on through the burning sensation I am feeling in my brain and in my colon every time I trip and bump into a specster. Ok so first they are talking about inter-publication incest between speck and yearbook. Wow are you a year late because we already published this news. Of course THIS IS ALSO A SMOKESCREEN to throw everyone off the real incest between spect and bwog which I have proved many times to my loyal readers. BUT THE REACHES OF OUR DARK HANDS GO DEEP INTO EVERY PUBLICATION. Our super secret inside source from the yearbook tells specsucks that the spect no longer gets free yearbook ad space and instead the yearbook are paying 12 dollars per picture to the spect. because they are a pyramid scheme like specsucks has shown to my loyal readers, and anyway why would I want to wretch at the sight of spec ads in my yearbook that is just dum. So the Blue and White is just throwing smokescreens to hide their own hands which are currently located in SPEC’S PANTS. Again specsucks is opening eyes and bringing truth ok time for some nutela.


2 Responses to “Blue and white LIES about spec”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    I do not even like nutella but I do not like the spec either

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Specsucks, i love your journalism, but as someone who has not read speck in over a year it can be tough to know exactly what your writing about when you refer to their trash. Then again, i shouldn’t say “their trash” because to them that is high quality paper, it takes a specsucker to look past the lies it is founded on and see that it is trash. Excpt on weekends where it is double trash because a daily paper doesnt even come out. Over 100 years or so of publishing and they still suck, if they’re not noobs, i dont even know what a noob is. Spek, you really suck, I hate you.

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