A massage from our publishing staff

Welcome to specsucks,

We are delighted that you are enjoying our publication, the most prestigious publication of Columbia University in the City of New York. Please consider supporting us with a tax-deductible donation by dropping an unmarked brown paper bag full of non-sequential bills of any denomination outside of my Ruggles suite.

Specsucks needs your help to continue providing high-caliber jurnalism, relevant information services, and breaking truth and justice. As a financially independent non-profit corporation, the Specsucks Publishing Company depends on the generosity of individuals like you in our sincere hope to best serve Specsucks readers. If you’d like to find more about Specsuck’s operations and organization before donating, please visit our “About” and “Staff” sections.

Happy Reading!

The Dark Hand
Director of the Copy Editor, Specsucks Publishing Company

2 Responses to “A massage from our publishing staff”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I believe this is the first time in its 15 month public history that specsucks has asked for donations (which you guys deserve for being so great at bringing us loyal readers the news we deserve). I think it is great that specsucks is so good with finances they can go such long periods of time with out donations, unlike the speck who scams money from everyone they can every chance they get. Spec is so bad they even scam them selves i bet. I dont know what they could need so much money for seeing as they don’t even publish half the days. They must just be really bad with finances, perhaps worse than they are at publishing. The spec is so bad, i hate the spec, this is why i will be giving my money to specsucks, so you great people can bring the spec down.

    • The Dark Hand Says:

      Actually we do not really need the money to keep bringing truth and justice I just hope some dum specscum reads this and drops free money outside my door because they are all simple minded and believe any scam they see on the internet. This is why they buy into the scam of spec.

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