specsucks episode 4: the deans strike back

okay so we have already taken down multiple deans but now they are doing something to treat the greeks nice but they werent before. and spec covered it or something. This is proof that we have exposed their lies and that they are scared for thier jobs. there is INTERNAL conflict with deans because probably they dont know whether to support spec or not well let me give you some advice DEAN SCUM, you better JUMP from the HINDINBURG because spec is going DOWN.  It is too late we are already analyzing your video some more either through our high tech skills or through our spy network you WILL be have your secret support for spec EXPOSED (if it is true but it is so it is okay we do not target innocent people because if you were innocent you would not be supporting spec).  The FACTS are that specsucks never hazed anyone so before we get accused that is not true.


2 Responses to “specsucks episode 4: the deans strike back”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    yes but we must be vigilant because the deans are onto us now and no doubt the rumor mill is flying about specsucks hazing in order to DISCREDIT us as the most prestigious publication bringing truth and justice. Well no one is falling for it our records are squeaky clean don’t spread lies specbwog dean scum.

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    We are like spiderman, we are fighting for justice and they are acting like we are the problem. But spiderman came through in the end and so will specsucks!

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