another day, another dean

Speck you are bad. Specsucks will take you down and stop you no matter how much we have to fight we will never stop to bring justice to Columbia even if everything is stacked against specsucks like butler lol. But support for our glorious cause is growing stronger too r3cently over twenty nine thousand people joined and the more CORRUPT ADMINISTRATORS we take down the deeper the rabbit hole becomes as an anonymous tipster sent us this incrimanating photo of a guy who I used to think is very awesome well not anymore we have all been DECIEVED he is more like dean OFF


also who is that guy in the background

Wow I literally had to sit down and then stand back up and sit back down when I saw this disgusting treachury. So you are thinking may be it is not what it looks like may be not every administrator is CORRUPT but my loyal readers know I am here to bring the truth no matter how unpleasant it may be and you are very smart to realize that there is more to this than it seems like my Mr greenbaum used to say it is like an iceburg. specsucks is trained professionals so we will take a closer look at that disgusting rag he is clutching


Using advanced government tecniques on the indicdated region:


And an even closer look reveals the following SHOCKING truth:


That’s right Dean Awn is atually reading NEXT MONDAYS PAPER!!!As always there is a conspiracy to hide the truth because everyone who knows is too corrupt to tell you and only specsucks stands between justice and lies. So what does it mean? Of course it is not surprising that adminstration is feeding you lies but the spec is not only COMPLICIT but actively CREATING and ORWELIAN STATE at Columbia through controled SURVEILLANCE, FEAR AND ORDERED COMPLIANCE, CARFEULLY MONITEORING THE ‘NEWS’ THEY ARE SPOONFEEDING YOU IN ADVANCE. or maybe spec is psycic either way I am scared. WOW the speck is like the gastric bypass surgery of columbia.


2 Responses to “another day, another dean”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    This is also prufe that speck doesnt print news because news cant be printed a week in advance, if news isnt printed in advance when it comes out it is not news it is old news.

  2. The Dark Hand Says:

    Of course since it is spring break they have more time to manufacture and filter the news they are feeding to the students. Thankfully Specsucks never takes a break to bring justice!

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