The reptilian spect (spec-ial ops)

FACT: shapeshifting reptilian people may or may not control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to CONTROL our society.

FACT: the spect is at least complicit in this lizardperson takeover.

Well specsucks has uncovered PROOF, check out this dum new spect poster:asdf

birds hatch from eggs and so does spect, and a lizerd is a type of reptile like the dinosaurs which grew fethers and are now birds but specscum look like people so obviosly they are LIZARDPEOPLE if they are. Also it is a commonly known FACT that lizard people drink blood like specscum, specsucks has already proved this if it is true. maybe everyone at spec are lizard people or only the boss lizards (which would explain why the editorial board has scaly skin try to get them to let you touch their skin they will not because they will say it is weird but that is just a cover up ask anyone who is not a lizard to touch skin and they will not care the real reason is because you will feel their scaly scales if you want to you can touch them when they are not looking but we do not indorse this.). Also the deans could all be lizard. This situation seems grave indeed, but specsucks is on it, brining truth to our loyal readers and we are not lizardpeople! Thank you for all ourfans we are #1 truthblog on campus!


3 Responses to “The reptilian spect (spec-ial ops)”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    FACT: no one on the editorial board has ever let me touch them. Coincidence?

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    FACT: Specsucks is the only news organization that i know for certain is not run by evil lizard people.


    FACT: I was on the SPECT for so long that they temperarerly BRANEWASHED ME with their LIZARD EYES because I accedentily brushed against an editorial bored member’s scaly skin (I will not say who it was because if i do they will be able to identify me). So I can say for certain that AT LEAST ONE MEMBER of the spect’s editorial bored is a lizard person plus also one OTHER person who was not on the editorial bored LAST year but he is THIS year. I did not touch him but he was the one who hipnotized me with his lizard eyes so I know this about him as well.

    I cannot say anything else or I am risking my saftey.

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