spec attempts to take over CC council

like the council of elron every year the ccsc gathers together to forge new bonds of fraternity and brotherhood amongst each other and to do stuff together.  however why do they have power?  the ccsc is elected every year because we have given them votes.  that is okay but where there is power spec is soon to follow.  for example the ccsc board is now becoming higher and higher percentage of spec members i tried to make a graph but excel wasnt working.  but basically it is more and more which is an increase. we do not want spec to control ccsc so pleease cast your votes aganst spect and for the specsucks candidates.  we cant say which candidates are part of specsucks because then they will be outed but vote for them anyway.

“In the interest of full disclosure, a number of these candidates are currently on Spectator’s staff.


2 Responses to “spec attempts to take over CC council”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    what is even more shocking is what they are with holding becuase spec is being sneaky see they say that they are giving full disclosure BUT in reality (of course we will not say who because we do not drag names through the mud) if you google the next president of the executive board you will discover she is a SPECSTER as well. Of course they do not say this because they want to hide the truth of the spec power grab but specsucks KNOWS. SPECSUCKS ALWAYS KNOWS. Come to specsucks if you want ACTUAL FULL DISCLOSURE.

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