what is safety

what is safety john locke once said that safety is a man to protect himself from life, liberty and the pursuit of property.  the man defends himself from other men and tyranny for freedom.  So that is why you haev the right to bear arms in the us to protect your safety. this is not the same as a safety on a gun which is just to stop you from accidentally shooting your self (or your friend lol dick cheney).  if you take nature then you have power over the natural order.  This is the freedom and safety over america.  that is why we believe in safetyfrom spec because they are against our life liberty pursuit o propery. look it up it should be property but dumb liberal dumasses think it is hapiness shut up will smith.  you have a right to defend your self from enemies like spec which is the philosophical justicifation on which we rest our crusade for justice.  we are letting the free market decide what hapens to spec and we decide to take them down!  long live spec sucks! may we forever be safe from spec and bad!


4 Responses to “what is safety”

  1. I copy-pasted this for my CC paper and got an A+.

  2. The Dark Hand Says:

    Yea if some people did not think we were justified before let’s see them argue with this



  4. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I hope we can also be safe from dick cheney (lol(

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