PINKOS and Facebook

When I see my editor the cloaked mask siting in the editor in chief chair of the spec I see all the people who used to laff at us. Well who is lafing now, the cloaked mask is editor in chief of spec I am thinking in my mind anticipating the day. And when our corse of action would be to take down the spec of course. That is the best plot to take down the spec. Why is specsucks revealing our plans? As a warning to all the PINKOS out there. One day the cloaked mask will be the editor in chief of spec and then she will bring truth and justice to the spec and to all enemies of her. We will not give quarter or mercy or surender or gratitude until that day comes and until then we will keep admintersing justice no white flags!! And all those who ignored or laughed at or disrespected us, the most prestigious publication on campus will be sorry because we will have already infiltrated every publication on campus, they will all belong to us if they don’t already well may be they already do but we will not reveal which ones even if we did know so why would we tell you. And of course we will take over the deans and student council as well but we are not saying that because we are sneakier then spec who openly admits that they are already doing this bad move spec. Our movement cannot be stopped that fact is plain as a day. Today a tipster told me one of their facebook friends was advertising a spec article like a dum PINKO noob in their facebook feed. If I was on an anonymous forum I would have written “Eternal glory for specsucks! #specsucks “ but that is not possible on facebook (dam you mark zuckerberg) . Then another tipster told me they have seen some brave souls even advertising specsucks in their facebook those people deserve metals for their bravery in their fight against spect (thank you mark zuckerberg). Then a tipster shows me people on facebook getting angry about something in spec and I think may be they do not know about specsucks ( that is okay mark zuckerberg)? And then I am offended that they do not know about the most prestigious truthblog on campus so I begin writing this post. SO IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SPEC (IF YOU ARE SMART and not dum) THEN JOIN SPECSUCKS AND STOP WHINING ON FACEBOOK. Also change your profile picture to a picture of burning spec.

The Author is a first year in Columbia College


One Response to “PINKOS and Facebook”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    this has always been my profile picture of course. Thank you for your support my young friend and writing this brilliant op ed.

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