CU Republicans invite glorious leader

OK so April Fool’s is over and we did not grace our prestigious publication with dum jokes only lesser publications like Bwog and Spec do that. ONLY TRUTH THROUGH POWER A tipster told us about some blog slandering the name of the Cloaked Mask she said that “spec is pretty good” WOW I NEVER SAID THAT AND ANYWAY WHO WOULD WANT TO BE AN AUSTRILIAN FLOWER I AM NOT FROM AUSTRIALIA OR NEW ZELAND AND I AM DEFINITELY NOT A XANTHORRHOEA OR A WIENER SCHNIETZEL EITHER dum PINKOS. Anyway while they were making up lies and ignoring the news specsucks learned the the Columbia University REuplicans have invited the leader of North Korea to speak at Columbia. You know that it is no longer april fools so this is true. Specsucks welcomes the glorious Kim Jung oon and says good job the CU republicans for always inviting great speakers.


Look at how happy he looks to be invited that is like us when spec is not reporting the facts but we are.  also the hair is missing from the side of his head.


One Response to “CU Republicans invite glorious leader”

  1. specisstillsucking Says:

    Hello specsucks longtime fan first-time commenter. It is time for you to do another podcast because that is the only way I can truly understand how much the spect sucks. Plus I like the songs. Do one soon please!!!

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