news blackout

as many of you know, spec has launched  a new rain of terror.  spec knows they are crumbling.  Internal restructuring has left power in the hands of a kyrarchy at the top.  Or so we have heard from our sources.  But we have not seen new spec for ourselves, nor do we advise you to.  in order to counteract these agressive measures specsucks is having a news blackout on newspec.  We will not mention newspec.  We will not encourage them.  This policy is also effective in our comments.  Today is a day of solidarity for those who were removed from spec in the “purges” to make this new world order possible.   May this day of silence last forever.


One Response to “news blackout”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    I will remain silent for the brave souls who had links to their opeds removed from the homepage and put in a gas chamber if that’s where they put it

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