spec scum

spec is basically everything wrong with columbia drunkness STDs and illegal drugs and weapons.  today spec climaxes as mackle more came to columbia.  this is the example of the fabric of our society being ripped apart.  By our expert analysis there were 4,000 people at the concert but not one family.  So much for family values america.   not one person was reading your spec no matter how drunk they were.  spec your memebers took part in this ritual which corrupts the fabric of our moral fabric.   spec our undercover reporter was dressed up as a hipster in a tweed jacket watching you and your member of the managing board specifically shouted out “Head down, A** up, that’s the way we like to F***”  disgusting spec.  spec if thats the way you like to F*** then i suppose that explains your incestuous relationship with bwog, who certainly does love to keep their head down.  This is just one of many illegal and possibly immoral things spec did.  Well we know where your head is spec.  And bwogs.  I look forward to reading your next headline.

One Response to “spec scum”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    yes Bwog likes to keep their head down while spec has their way with them I have seen it

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