Spec writes about science

Dum spec thinks they can write about sicnece. Don’t click (duh!):


Ok lets see them try (lol like they are scientists)

“On April 2, following an earlier hint in his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama announced the BRAIN Initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies),”

First of all Nuerotechnologies is not even a word spec wow you are dum it is TWO WORDS. May be we shuld put some neurotechnologies in ur brain and you wouldn’t stupidly make first grade errors like that! Or may be not you are probably hopless and were held back in first grade (ps if you were held back in first grade and are not in spec please do not take offense). Also spec is furthering the liberal agenda but that is ok because obama indorses specsucks

“ with a proposed $100 million per year in public funding for ‘giving scientists the tools they need to get a dynamic picture of the brain in action.’ “

WOW SPEC WHY ARE YOU PAYING $100 million dollairs for a picture!!!? May be that iswhy you are broke (Why don’t you just google image one)! Spec is obviosly not a model of fiscal responsibility we kno this we have heard it from our sources that they do not have much money probably because they are wasting it on dum pictures.

“This initiative was catalyzed by a proposal for a ‘Brain Activity Map,’ floated last year by a group of six scientists, including Columbia’s Rafael Yuste. While it is important to be realistic about the promise of the BRAIN Initiative, Obama’s announcement was as refreshing for its potential benefits to neuroscience as for his enthusiastic endorsement of science overall.”

Hey scientists if you are so smart may be you would be taking down the spec instead of making activity maps! Taking down the spec isan activity too! Also specsucks indorses science and obama indorses science so we are all like the same but not you spec you cant come into our secret club.

“Understanding the brain—‘the three pounds of matter that sits between our ears,’ as Obama put it—remains one of today’s foremost scientific challenges.”

Specsucks does not understand the brain except specsters who have no brians so there Is nothignto understand there lol. I thought obama was smarter than that! Porbably he knows but does not want to offend the brainless specscum.

“How do we see and recognize a friend? Open and walk through a door? What makes a person depressed? Autistic?”

I recognize a friend when they are not reading spec that is not dum neuroscience or whatever that is SO obvios. Also I know how to open and walk through doors spec lol you are seriously so stupid no wonder you suck so much. Also you should not make fun of people’s disabilities like autism that is ableist spec. When I am reading your articles I am depressed because they are so BAD though so that is all the scienc you need to know if that is what you arecurious about.

“Developing tools is precisely the focus of the BRAIN Initiative. And the field is ready for it, with tools that are rapidly growing more sophisticated.”

Spec sucks is sophisticated too we will destroy you spec no matter how many dum brian initiatives you are doing we are too smart! Our brians will roast yours any time any place and we can use many sophisticated tools to destroy you not that we are doing that or making threats but you are so dum anyway so we do not need htem

“For example, it is now possible to turn specific groups of cells in a brain on and off with pulses of light”


“It is important, however, not to oversell the BRAIN Initiative, and to be realistic about the timeframes involved. Here, we can look to the Human Genome Project, which will soon celebrate the 10th anniversary of its completion.”

OK so basically there is no point to this whole ARTICLE when you are saying that you we have to be realstic you could have ritten this TEN YEARS FROM NOW instead! Wow it is like every other dum spec artikul a waste of time.

“However, the Human Genome Project also brought a major surprise and a bit of a disappointment. It turns out that humans have very few distinct genes (about 21,000 protein-coding sequences, compared to about 20,000 such genes in the roundworm, or nematode). The real coding complexity lies in the interactions between multiple genes and with epigenetic material.”

IT is a major surprise and a bit of a dispointment that SPEC is still writing about stuff that they do not understand like jeans which is totally unrelated to neroscience. May be if you had a brian you would know what you were talking about spec but you don’t so specsucks will always be better

“So earlier hopes of the decoded genome leading to simple insights about risks for different diseases have been largely unmet.”


“Understanding brain function will likely be much more complex. Unlike the Human Genome Project, where the goal—identifying all the elements in the genome—was well defined, there is no such endpoint in brain research. Different questions will likely require descriptions of the brain at very different scales, making the BRAIN Initiative inherently more open-ended.”

Does this paragraf even serve a purpose? It is like you are saying nothing spec it is just like wow we do not know when we will know everything about the brian. Wow I do not know when or at wat point in the future I will be ablle to fully fathom the SUCK of the SPECT but you do not see me devoting a seperat paragraph just to say that!

“Finally, many in the scientific community have expressed fears that the BRAIN Initiative funding will get earmarked to a specific project, such as the earlier proposed BAM (of which many neuroscientists had been critical). But such fears are unfounded. The major step in the initiative so far has been the creation of an advisory body of neuroscientists, which has been charged with getting input and advice from the scientific community.”

Wait so are you nero scientists spec or are you members of an advisory body? Nero scienteist are brain surgeons they do not ADVICE people. Wait let me google that………. “A neuroscientist (sometimes also called a neurobiologist) is an individual who studies the scientific field of neuroscience or any of its related sub-fields” WOW even wikapeda agrees where does it say they are advisors? so spec is wrong agen they are always wrong.

“The neuroscience community here at Columbia is, as one of the strongest anywhere, heavily involved, especially as the Mind Brain Behavior Institute becomes operational.”

Well this is an equivacation if I ever heard one. So are they the strongest or are they not spec? Or will they be in the future? I do not know. And ur article is not helping me know. May be if they were more involved they would have already removed the tumor that is spec from all our collective brians (except spec because we already know that they do not have brian tumors sicne they do not have brians or only tumors if they do but that is not a brain it is just a tumor)

“But why should we fund this initiative? In economic terms, the answer is clear: Each dollar invested by the government into the Human Genome Project returned an estimated $60 to $140 in this first decade of its completion, similar gains could be made by the BRAIN Initiative.”

Sounds like spec is still pushing hteir dum moneymaking schemes that we already know they are doing even though they are still broke. Wait I thought we were learning about the brian not making money??? I gauss not.

“Perhaps more important are the technological payoffs, which could be spectacular. A prosthetic arm fine enough to play the piano and strong enough to play basketball. Visual prostheses for those whose sight has been destroyed by macular degeneration. All these innovations and more await a better mastery of the brain.”

I already have two arms and too eyes spec I do not need more. Thanks though.

“So is Obama’s BRAIN Initiative a good thing? Of course. And it should be embraced—enthusiastically, but mindfully.”

lol i have to admit that actually was good pun but the article is still dum.  Mindfully, get it? Best part of the dum article.

“Aniruddha Das is an associate professor of neuroscience and psychiatry in the Department of Neuroscience.”

May be he would be a full profesor if he were not wasting his time contributing to spec.


3 Responses to “Spec writes about science”

  1. The Dark Hand Says:

    Yes spec truly is like the brain tumor of columbia’s collective consciousness

  2. The Shadowy Eyeball Says:

    Good job I am not going to read all these words because there are a lot of them and I have lots of work plus reading too many words makes my head hurt so I stopped at the second paragraf but I assume since u wrote so much that u have really proven how DUM the SPECT is so I congradulate u on that accomplishment.

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